SDCH Foundation

401 South 400 East

Bountiful, Utah 84010

801-295-GIFT (801-295-4438)

As the only nonprofit specialty care hospital of our kind in the region, SDCH has a rich history and strong reputation of being the best at providing unique, specialized care.  Within our services, individuals are weaned from life sustaining ventilators, take their first independent breaths, speak their first words, learn to walk, and take steps that transcend their physical limitations.

Donor support allows us to assure that patients facing unique challenges from complex medical conditions receive specialized care in a comfortable atmosphere and to improve the quality of life for our patients.  SDCH covers all expenses associated with management of the Foundation so that every contribution directly benefits our patients.

As a charitable Utah nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization, donations are tax deductible as allowed by IRS law.

Purchase with Purpose - Thank You for Supporting South Davis Community Hospital


SDCH Foundation accepts gifts of cash, check or credit card.


Sponsor a hospital wing or room at SDCH.  This option is available for sizeable donations and allows the contributor to leave a lasting legacy.


Donate a specific amount or percentage of your estate to SDCH through your will or living trust.  We recommend consulting your financial adviser about planned gift and endowment opportunities.


Fundraising events are scheduled throughout the year. 


For more information: 

call 801-295-4438 or email givesdch@sdch.com